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Cancelled Merger with Npower - December 20018


UNISON was informed on 17/12/2018 that the planned merger between npower and the SSE Energy Services had been called off. We received only a brief formal response from the business, but this was subsequently confirmed by both parties.

Discussions have since been held with the unions and SSE management to understand what the next steps will be, to fully understand the ramifications of this development and to seek urgent assurances on the prospects going forward for our members and their jobs.

The business has said that other options will now be considered for SSE Energy Services. Essentially this is likely to be either a standalone retail business which would be floated to investors in the future or another potential merger with another entity. It was acknowledged that both options will take time to work through into any substantive proposals.

As it stands today, SSE Energy Services remains the second largest supplier of energy to UK customers, but like the other big energy retailers, it is facing significant pressures. It continues to lose customer accounts, and the introduction of the energy price cap has added financial uncertainty into the mix.

Without the planned merger now going ahead, it is essential UNISON members can understand what the future is for SSE Energy Services and how our member’s jobs can be secured and a solid plan for growth produced. UNISON will be working to ensure this is delivered.

It was also essential that SSE confirmed that members working in SSE Energy Services were to fully included in pay talks going forward. The business has now agreed to this.

Please be assured that UNISON will take whatever steps are required to protect our members' jobs and prospects and we will of course work with SSE management wherever possible to help deliver this.

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SSE Joint Agreement

Formal Pay Offer 2018


Following detailed discussions and much debate during a day in December and two days in January, agreement has been reached for the Trade Unions to fully recommend the following offer that was made by the Company. Length of the Deal This pay offer is for a period of 1 year. This offer is therefore applicable to the pay year running from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019.


Performance Pay


From 1st April 2018, there is a joint agreement between SSE and the Trade Unions to implement an alternative solution to Performance Pay. A joint JNCC working party, supported by JBCs, will convene to agree a new skills / competency system that will reward progression and replace the existing performance pay system, which will no longer apply for the purposes of pay progression, from April 2018. Any final output from the JNCC joint working party will come back to the JNCC before implementation.


We will jointly endeavour to implement the new scheme within the timescale of this pay agreement. Should the new scheme not be implemented within this next 12 months, it’s jointly agreed that a further round of pay negotiations will be needed for 2019/20 which will follow the principles in relation to the pay awards that are agreed for 2018/19.


Pay Award


There will be a salary increase of 3% applied to all employees. If you are in pay zone A or B, to recognise your position in the salary range, you will get an additional 0.6% increase, i.e. 3.6%. Salary Ranges With effect from April 2018, a 3% increase will be applied to the minimum and maximum of the salary ranges.


Other Payments


A 3% increase will also be applied to other pay elements that normally move in line with pay deals. Specifically:

· Standby

· Shift Allowance

· London Allowance

· London Supplement

· The extension of the working day Standard Allowance (clause J2 of the Joint Agreement)

· Overnight Allowance (clause J3 of the Joint Agreement)



Following detailed discussions, the Trade Unions decided to withdraw this element of their pay


Press Release

UNISON will 'leave no stone unturned' as it seeks to protect energy jobs.


Energy and public services union UNISON has today (Wednesday) promised to 'leave no stone unturned' as it works to protect the jobs of thousands of people employed by SSE and NPower.


Commenting on the proposed merger between the two energy companies announced earlier today (Wednesday), UNISON National Energy Officer Matt Lay said:


'This bolt from the blue will have left many of the companies' employees feeling decidedly anxious.


With the merger only just announced, there's no detail yet as to the number of jobs that may go, the posts most affected, or the sites at risk.


But staff at SSE and NPower, although feeling understandably nervous as to what the future holds, should rest assured that UNISON will leave no stone unturned as it works to protect jobs across the two companies.


As well as seeking assurances about jobs, UNISON plans to work closely with senior managers to ensure the company that emerges has a robust business plan and a more certain future.'




Our full time officer Gerry Crawley attended a teleconference at 7.30 am this morning.

SSE/Npower merger will not take place for at least 12/15 months. This is due to regulatory and shareholder approval (if granted) so therefore nothing changes on day one (i.e. today). In the meantime there will be‎ consultation with the trade union going forward.

There are no decisions on job loss/locations at this stage. Although it is clear that going forward there will be consultations on any proposed job loss/relocation. We know there are many rumours circulating but the fact is that SSE have announced this today and the next 12 months will be vital in consultations around all aspects of this proposed merger. Also, for clarity, the areas impacted are Customer Services, Home Services and Metering.

UNISON will be involved in all of the consultations going forward. I do not have answers to all the questions being asked just now but the answers will be forthcoming as consultations begin.

Please engage in all staff meetings and ensure that questions you have are recorded with SSE in the first instance. Only they can answer them in the first instance (and those answers are likely to be 'we don't know at this stage').


Can you please send a copy of your questions to




Unison Branch Secretary

200 Dunkeld Road, Perth PH1 3AQ